Infinity CIS helps the Town of Gilbert, AZ modernize their utility

Gilbert is committed to becoming the City of the Future. Investing in new technology like Infinity CIS is one way to help us get there. Infinity CIS will allow our customer service team to communicate electronically with various departments within the Town and send service orders to field staff in real time. Most importantly, this new system will help us better serve the residents of Gilbert. Further, Infinity CIS has the flexibility we were looking for and will prepare us for moving to AMI functionality in the near future.

How Advanced rapidly transitioned five utilities to Infinity CIS

When presented with a challenge, our Professional Services team is able to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. No matter the conditions we are able to come up with timely, relevant and helpful solutions to meet utilities’ needs.

Further, we were excited to take on this opportunity as it was a chance to further highlight and demonstrate how flexible and easily configurable Infinity CIS is.

Infinity CIS. It’s time for something new.

As a trusted and vital member of the community, utilities can’t afford to take a chance on an unproven customer information and utility billing system. Infinity CIS has an extensive track record of working seamlessly as part of a utility’s operations to support them in providing service in a reliable, safe and efficient manner while also maintaining excellence as a customer focused organization.

Infinity CIS in the Cloud

Increasingly more and more utilities are moving their IT operations to the cloud. We can understand why as there are many benefits to taking advantage of this deployment model.

Making sure our customers go-live on-time and on-budget with Infinity CIS

The implementation of a comprehensive customer information and utility billing solution involves uncertainty, complexity and a lot of change in a relatively short amount of time. We use every tool in our arsenal to mitigate and combat this. This includes a combination of relying on our Project Management Professional certified project managers to lead our projects, an award-winning implementation methodology and clear, consistent communication throughout the project.