Join Us for HCTC 2023

The Advanced team had so much fun seeing you in Las Vegas, and we can’t wait to spend time with you again. Join us for the Harris Customer Training Conference (HCTC)  at the Gaylord Palms Resort in sunny Orlando, FL, for a magical learning experience. 

Advanced Utility Systems announces update to customer information system

For 25 years, Advanced has been part of the journey of small and large municipal utilities and cooperatives – helping them digital transform their customer information and billing management. During this journey, we have grown to be one of the largest billing software providers, making the lives of millions easier, better and smarter. As utilities have evolved, we have grown with them over time.

Infinity CIS helps the Town of Gilbert, AZ modernize their utility

Gilbert is committed to becoming the City of the Future. Investing in new technology like Infinity CIS is one way to help us get there. Infinity CIS will allow our customer service team to communicate electronically with various departments within the Town and send service orders to field staff in real time. Most importantly, this new system will help us better serve the residents of Gilbert. Further, Infinity CIS has the flexibility we were looking for and will prepare us for moving to AMI functionality in the near future.

Advanced launches new Infinity Customer Engagement Portal

During our demonstrations of Infinity.Link Enterprise it was clear that considerable thought had been put into the customer experience beyond the traditional utility bill pay experience and that the solution would be a good fit for Loveland. We were aiming to make it easier to do business with the utility and allow customers to accomplish tasks as quickly and as easily as possible. Overall we wanted to increase the use of online tools like alerts, outage maps, and customer self-service to enable digitally engaged customers.

How Advanced rapidly transitioned five utilities to Infinity CIS

When presented with a challenge, our Professional Services team is able to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. No matter the conditions we are able to come up with timely, relevant and helpful solutions to meet utilities’ needs.

Further, we were excited to take on this opportunity as it was a chance to further highlight and demonstrate how flexible and easily configurable Infinity CIS is.