• your business objectives
  • your user experience
  • your success criteria
  • Classroom training that correspond to your configuration of Infinity CIS, fully preparing users to practice business-critical functions.
  • Specialized training that meet the unique needs of your organization’s staff and requirements of your business practices.
  • On the Job Learning with a trainer on-site to facilitate error recovery, troubleshoot, and reinforce previous learning.
Support & Upgrades
  • Web-based issue reporting and tracking through a secure web portal.
  • Toll-free telephone support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Advanced technical staff that access your installation remotely to provide secure, hands-on support. The Advanced upgrade strategy makes it easy and affordable to keep current:
  • Regular upgrades provide extensive new functionality to all Advanced clients
  • Up-to-date online help and a comprehensive list of changes is provided with each upgrade.
  • Builds and patches are included as part of your annual maintenance fee, and upgrades are priced reasonably and predictably.
Advanced Managed Services (AMS)