City of Boca Raton, Florida looks to Infinity CIS for modern, reliable Customer Information System

December 19, 2020 | Boca Raton, FL and Toronto, ON

Facing several challenges with their existing Utility Billing software systems environment, from cumbersome system navigation to limited querying and reporting functionality and inadequate functionality to limited automated workflow processes, the City of Boca Raton (the City) initiated a project to identify and implement a more modern Customer Information System. After a three-phased evaluation process that included a proposal submission, presentations and reference checks, Infinity CIS by Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation (Advanced) was selected to address these challenges as well as streamline the collection and processing of information and to facilitate the standardization and timely access to information.

  • Customer Since: 2019
  • Number of Accounts: 37,000
  • Services: Water, Sewer, Solid Waste

The City’s Utility Services Department provides superior water and wastewater services to the residents of Boca Raton 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their team includes 160 utility industry professionals who work around the clock to monitor their water quality, water pressure, wastewater systems, and handle emergencies as they arise.

While working year round to provide quality, essential services to the community, the Utility Services team is also investigating the best alternatives and options to address future needs and potential impacts. While utilities across the country are dealing with failing infrastructure, Boca Raton is getting in front of this challenge by investing in infrastructure upgrades by using cutting-edge technology.

“Along with the extensive core functionality and best practices inherent in Infinity CIS that utilities, looking for a modern upgrade to their current CIS, have consistently turned to, our system is the one utilities select time and time again because it is proven and reliable and they know it will be up and running 24/7/365.”

— Executive Vice President, Advanced Utility Systems

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About Advanced and Harris:

Advanced is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems that provides Customer Information and Billing solutions exclusively to municipal, investor owned and cooperative utilities. Harris is a leading provider of financial management and Customer Information Systems (CIS) software solutions. Since 1976, Harris has focused on providing feature-rich and robust turnkey solutions to all levels of local government as well as public power and water markets throughout North America. Harris’ focus is on creating long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring that we meet the changing needs of our customers over time. For further information on Harris Computer Systems, please visit our website at, or call 1-888-847-7747.