Making sure our customers go-live on-time and on-budget with Infinity CIS

April 9, 2019 | Providence, RI and Toronto, ON

The implementation of a comprehensive customer information and utility billing solution involves uncertainty, complexity and a lot of change in a relatively short amount of time. We use every tool in our arsenal to mitigate and combat this. This includes a combination of relying on our Project Management Professional certified project managers to lead our projects, an award-winning implementation methodology and clear, consistent communication throughout the project.

The result?

On-time, on-budget implementations of Infinity CIS and complementary solutions for our customers, including most recently, Narragansett Bay Commission.

  • Customer Since: 2017
  • Number of Accounts: 80,000
  • Service: Sewer

The Narragansett Bay, an estuary with over 400 miles of coastline is a critical part of Rhode Island’s culture and economy. As the largest sewer utility in the State, Narragansett Bay Commission is committed to protecting the environment through improved technology and conservation efforts.

At Narragansett Bay Commission, utilizing our proven implementation process, we ‘left no stone unturned’ and they were open for business on Monday morning – after the cutover – and that day was as uneventful as any other. We laid all the necessary groundwork prior to the go-live date and ensured it was ‘business as usual’ for their staff as well as their customers.

We understand that replacing a mission critical system is a huge undertaking. This effort required a dedicated commitment from all those involved. I am very proud of the Advanced team but also want to commend the leadership and staff at Narragansett Bay Commission for this great accomplishment.

— Executive Vice President, Advanced Utility Systems

With Infinity CIS in place, Narraganset Bay will take advantage of the following:

  • A future-proof system that is based on reliable, widely-used technology
  • Configuration of business rules using sophisticated tools eliminating unexpected, budget-breaking custom coding projects
  • Actions and system workflow that reduce manual processes and improve operational efficiencies
  • Our REST API that makes integration simple and reliable

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About Advanced and Harris:

Advanced is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems that provides Customer Information and Billing solutions exclusively to municipal, investor owned and cooperative utilities. Harris is a leading provider of financial management and Customer Information Systems (CIS) software solutions. Since 1976, Harris has focused on providing feature-rich and robust turnkey solutions to all levels of local government as well as public power and water markets throughout North America. Harris’ focus is on creating long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring that we meet the changing needs of our customers over time. For further information on Harris Computer Systems, please visit our website at, or call 1-888-847-7747.

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