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CIS Infinity to enhance customer experience at San Gabriel Valley Water Company, CA
August 18, 2021

August 18, 2021 | El Monte, CA and Toronto, ON

With their CIS Transformation Project, San Gabriel Valley Water Company (San Gabriel) was looking to replace their legacy system with a modern, functionally robust customer-focused customer information system.

Their mission was to improve the internal and external customer service experience through access to timely and relevant customer information while still maintaining a personal connection to their customers.

Through its inherent design and functionality, CIS Infinity, the industry-leading customer information and utility billing solution from Advanced Utility Systems, fully met these objectives through various ways including:

  • Its ease of use. Users can access key information on a single screen – no need to jump from screen to screen – to obtain information and perform routine functions.
  • Configurable screens so users can obtain the exact information they need to assist customers in a timely manner.
  • Utilizing intelligent workflows to eliminate many manual tasks for efficient customer service.
  • A simplified delinquency process that provides clear information to users about a customer’s delinquency path and next steps.
  • Exceptional integration abilities to reduce redundancy and manual workarounds.
  • The ability to handle all rates and surcharges/surcredits for master/sub consolidated billing.

With this in mind and as a result of a rigorous procurement process, Advanced was selected as the vendor of choice by San Gabriel to implement CIS Infinity in the cloud using best practices.

Along with CIS Infinity, the complementary solutions Infinity.Link Enterprise and Infinity.Mobile Enterprise will also be implemented.

Infinity.Link Enterprise is a comprehensive customer engagement portal that not only offers San Gabriel customers self-service functionality, but also transparency to their bills and usage as well as personalized, actionable advice on how to save.

Further, the My Alerts widget of the solution shows current active alerts based on customer settings and services including Bill/Usage Thresholds and High Usage/Leak Detection. It can also display Outages and other configurable options.

Infinity.Mobile Enterprise automates and optimizes field work activities and processes so that San Gabriel can improve productivity, effectiveness, and knowledge.

In addition to improving and enhancing the internal and external customer service experience, Advanced believes it is important to support its customers beginning with the contract negotiations stage all the way through to the ongoing post live support phase.

When we think about customer experience we often think exclusively about the utility’s customers. However, as a vendor to our own customers we want to support them at every stage of the customer journey. That is why we have an exceptional legal team that works with us very closely and directly to streamline contract negotiations, our core teams are replete with seasoned utility and technology staff who bring deep technical and business expertise to our implementations and our support team strives every day to be best in class and easy to do business with.

- Sean Dunphy, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Advanced Utility Systems

A comment from San Gabriel:

I appreciate the spirit of cooperation from Advanced and everyone involved at Harris in getting us to this point and look forward to working with your team on this implementation and long into the future.

- Joe Harris, Vice President and Treasurer, San Gabriel Valley Water Company

San Gabriel is a public utility serving approximately 100,000 customers.

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Advanced Utility Systems
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