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CIS Infinity® solves technical problems that face System Administrators and business process experts. Need more information? Contact us.

Configuration tools

All business rules, automation, and rates are set up with sophisticated configuration tools. CIS Infinity is not "hard coded" to meet the requirements of a single client, but is configured to suit your needs. As a result, implementation is faster, cheaper, and more reliable. And when new requirements emerge in the future, your System Administrator or Advanced technical staff make the changes, instead of developers embarking on expensive custom-coding projects.

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Integration and interfaces

CIS Infinity facilitates fast, inexpensive integration with a multitude of industry tools, including:

  • Financials
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Cashiering
  • Work Order Management

CIS Infinity also provides full integration with popular productivity suites, and the ability to upload files -- images, documents, and so on -- and attach them to accounts.

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CIS Infinity provides the ability to automate repetitive tasks in a way that reduces work effort while improving customer service. A System Administrator can configure CIS Infinity to respond to specific events with a set of automated actions that includes any combination of: e-mails or letters to customers; service orders; financial transactions; messages on bills; tasks assigned to other users or departments; notes on customers' accounts, and more.

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Scheduling key processes

A System Administrator can schedule key processes to run automatically at particular times and dates, on particular machines, and still maintain precise control over the processes with detailed log files and email notifications of job status. As a result, staff can focus on front-line priority issues instead of routine tasks, and unused hardware capacity is put to good use.

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Security and auditing

With CIS Infinity, System Administrators can easily implement a thorough and reliable security policy, configure rules for individual users and user groups, and audit all changes to all information.

The CIS Infinity security model is based on objects -- a security rule can be applied to any object in the application, from individual fields and menu items to entire forms.

Security options include hiding interface elements, making fields mandatory, setting default values and format masks, and giving users read-only access.

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Database and server options

Once you find the CIS vendor that provides the functionality, implementation methodology, and ongoing support you need, you should not be limited by the solution's failure to operate with the database and hardware environment you choose. For this reason, CIS Infinity offers several options that include SQL Server or Oracle, and Windows or UNIX, allowing you to make the most of your technical investments.

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