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Customers, accounts and services

  • Review and maintain all - customer information from a single screen -- accounts, services, meters, billing and transactions, service orders, moving customers, collections, payment plans, and more.
  • Find customers and accounts quickly using sophisticated filters and search criteria.
  • Automate communications with customers, attach files to customers, track time spent with customers, and assign tasks to other users or departments.

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Rate Engine

  • Extensive control over your rate structure, even its most complex elements, without any customizing.
  • Unlimited rates and unlimited elements within each rate.
  • Completely configurable pro-rating, billing for interval meters, and fully integrated functionality for deregulated markets.
  • Unique rates for specific meters, services, customers and accounts.

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Bill Processing

  • Consolidated bills for large industrial or government accounts.
  • Real-time transactions eliminate the need for day-end processing.
  • Cancel and re-bill inaccurate bills in one step.
  • Fully customizable bill print format, for printing in-house or by a third party.
  • Precise exception checking, usage quoting and estimating.

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  • Improve revenue management with automated, configurable, rule-based collections processes.
  • Real-time account updates based on collections activity.
  • Automatically quote deposits, set up payment arrangements and loans.
  • Multiple types of pre-authorized payment plans, with automatic reconciliation.

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Service Orders

  • Automatically issue service orders in response to a variety of events, including billing exceptions and collections activity.
  • Track, organize and edit service-based and meter-based service orders, and view detailed history by pending status or any other criteria.
  • Through an IVR interface, staff can use wireless devices to update service orders from the field.

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  • Comprehensive reporting tools help manage customer service, revenue stream and business processes.
  • Embedded, easy-to-use report builder requires no third-party software.
  • Hundreds of pre-configured reports, all of which can be modified, saved and shared.
  • Instantly export any data you see to a spreadsheet.
  • Comprehensive Entity Relationship Diagrams and Data Dictionary.

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Inventory Management 

  • Track detailed inventory information, with real-time updates based on field activity.
  • Manage testing schedules and view installation history.
  • Manage meters for any service you provide, including digital meters, smart meters, interval meters, transformers, service entrances, backflow devices and more.

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Cash, Payments and Point-of-sale

  • Full integration with billing data, cash drawer hardware, pre-authorized payment plan bank files and financial applications.
  • Easily accept any type of payment including credit card and debit card.
  • Automatic, fully configurable payment allocation.
  • Accept payments for non-utility and miscellaneous billing items.

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