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Increasing user acceptance in a time of change

User acceptance is one of the biggest factors in the success of any new software system, and one of the most important contributors to user acceptance is a good training course.

Proper training contributes to a successful project in three ways:

  • speeds up the go-live date
  • reduces human error
  • increases user satisfaction

Advanced will develop a customized training plan prior to offering hands-on training to small groups of users based on their job requirements and level of experience.

For convenience, minimal disruption, and best results, CIS Infinity® training will be conducted at your premises using your data. Learners are instructed using a step by step procedural approach. By practicing their day to day tasks using your data, users become comfortable with the system before they are expected to use it in a production environment.

Types of Advanced Training

Advanced delivers a variety of training types:

  • Classroom courses correspond to your configuration of CIS Infinity®, fully preparing users to practice business-critical functions.
  • Specialized courses meet the unique needs of your organization's staff and requirements of your business practices.
  • "At the elbow" training with a trainer on site to facilitate error recovery, troubleshoot, and reinforce previous learning.

We also provide individual and Post Live refresher training. Typically, this type of training support is provided by trainers who are already familiar with the needs of your staff, ensuring a high level of comfort during these transitional phases.

About Advanced Training Specialists

Advanced training specialists are subject matter experts who have a thorough understanding of the functionality of the software modules they teach and are able to handle any questions or issues which might arise during the practice sessions.

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Press Releases

Pomona, California:
The ability to integrate with other existing City operating systems, and provide a foundation for future applications, were important factors in the choice of CIS Infinity.

City of Covington:
"It's the secure long-term picture that puts Advanced at the front of the pack. Their product and their people will be able to handle the complexity of a multi-service utility like ours."

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