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Five-phase methodology proven at utilities across North America and
the Caribbean

Anyone can promise on-schedule and on-budget. Advanced has more than 60 successful customer deployments that prove we deliver the best solution within the most appropriate time-frame.

Flexible enough for any deployment, our methodology ensures that Advanced thoroughly identifies and integrates your requirements based on:

  • your business objectives
  • your user experience
  • your success criteria.

Phase One - Project Start-up

More than simply marking the beginning of the implementation effort, the Project Start-up phase lays the groundwork for the entire deployment - all geared toward ensuring a smooth rollout. Project Start-up includes the project plan, data extraction, Conversion, and system configuration and installation.

Phase Two - Validation and Core Team Training

Where Phase One focused on laying the groundwork for the implementation, Phase Two concentrates on checking for faults. Advanced has a proprietary process that tests and validates your implementation against your current system, and trains your core team in conjunction with the validation process.

Phase Three - Training

With an eye on ensuring a smooth deployment and rapid user adoption, Advanced provides both End-user and System Administrator training as an essential part of its implementation methodology. For more information, see Training.

Phase Four - Hard Parallel

In Phase Four - Hard Parallel, Advanced continues to run your implementation through its paces and optimize performance. Hard Parallel includes testing all process on both CIS Infinity® and your current system in parallel.

Phase Five - Cut-over and Transition to Live

Advanced provides support throughout each of the final steps of the implementation. During this phase, the Advanced Project Manager coordinates all activity, Training specialists are on hand, and Technical and conversion specialists are available for remote and on-site support.

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Press Releases

Pomona, California:
The ability to integrate with other existing City operating systems, and provide a foundation for future applications, were important factors in the choice of CIS Infinity.

City of Covington:
"It's the secure long-term picture that puts Advanced at the front of the pack. Their product and their people will be able to handle the complexity of a multi-service utility like ours."

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