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Data is the backbone of your business

Data conversion is crucial to realizing the full value of a new customer information and billing system. If an error creeps into this process the results can be disastrous: billing errors, unhappy customers, overloaded customer support lines, and the resulting unexpected costs.

Fortunately, Advanced has experience converting all kinds of systems.

Advanced takes a prudent, meticulous, rigorous approach to data extraction and conversion. From the initial assessment of your data to the extensive post-conversion testing, our conversion methodology gives utilities confidence that the backbone of their business is in good hands.

What makes Advanced data conversion better?

Because utility billing has always been our focus, we have a better understanding of how your data relates to your business processes.

When does data conversion occur?

It starts early, and several conversions occur until the final perfect balance. Advanced ensures the converted data is tested early, tested thoroughly, and then tested again at specific milestones throughout the project.

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Press Releases

Pomona, California:
The ability to integrate with other existing City operating systems, and provide a foundation for future applications, were important factors in the choice of CIS Infinity.

City of Covington:
"It's the secure long-term picture that puts Advanced at the front of the pack. Their product and their people will be able to handle the complexity of a multi-service utility like ours."

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