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City of Madison Water selects CIS Infinity

Water Utility chooses Advanced Utility System's Customer Information and Billing software

Toronto, Canada. November 17th, 2003

Advanced Utility Systems Corporation (Advanced) is pleased to announce that the City of Madison Water Utility in Wisconsin (Madison Water) has selected CIS Infinity®, Advanced Utility Systems' state-of-the-art Customer Information and Billing System to replace their current software.

Built on an isthmus between lakes Monona and Mendota, the City of Madison is renowned for its beautiful scenery and is home to the acclaimed University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison Water has been in operation since 1882, celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2002.

Madison Water provides water, sewer and storm water services to approximately 56,000 residential and 10,000 commercial customers in the City of Madison, and sells wholesale water to the Town of Madison, Shorewood Hills, Maple Bluff, Blooming Grove, and Town of Burke. It is the 2nd largest water utility in the State of Wisconsin and the 5th largest ground water utility in the United States. A deep, high-quality sandstone aquifer beneath the City is the source of its water supply. The aquifer is recharged from locally occurring precipitation. Madison Water also provides public fire protection, and land fill remediation. Madison Water bills their customers bi-annually, processing 10,000 to 12,000 bills each month.

Madison Water considered several key factors in making their choice. They were seeking an affordable alternative to an expensive upgrade with their current vendor. By operating CIS Infinity on a SQL database, Madison Water will gain direct control of their customer data. Additionally CIS Infinity's robust reporting capabilities will allow Madison Water to drill down into their data via Advanced reports. "One of the reasons that we selected Advanced is that they provide choice in regards to which database to use. As well, we are very pleased with the increased control that we will have over our data" commented Ken Key, Customer Service Supervisor at Madison Water.

System ease-of-use was an important factor in Madison's selection process. CIS Infinity fit the bill -- its user interface is designed to provide access from the main account inquiry screen to all customer information with the click of a mouse. Navigation throughout CIS Infinity is simple. All information associated with a customer is available on a single, easy to read window.

Another important factor for Madison Water in selecting a CIS to replace their existing system was service order management. In CIS Infinity the service order system can be configured to automatically generate service orders in response to other activity within the system. For example, CIS Infinity will automatically issue a service order for a final meter reading on an account when the move out is entered. Whether generated automatically or manually, the service order system will schedule the service order, assign it to a user or department and track it through the entire CIS system until completion.

SVA Consulting, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin has been selected to implement the Solomon financials package at Madison Water. Advanced and SVA will work together to further integrate the Solomon package already operational at a number of other Advanced client sites in the United States.

Madison Water represents a consolidation of Advanced Utility Systems' market presence in Wisconsin, joining the Reedsburg Utility Commission and Waukesha Water Utility. Patricia Sorbara, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced commented on the partnership just forming between Advanced and Madison Water, "Advanced is excited to add another client in the Wisconsin marketplace. We have focused on this market for some time and are excited that a large, sophisticated, and customer focused client such as Madison Water has selected CIS Infinity to meet their customer needs."

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Advanced is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris Computer Systems that provides Customer Information and Billing solutions exclusively to utilities and municipalities. Harris is a leading provider of financial management and Customer Information Systems (CIS) software solutions. Since 1976, Harris has focused on providing feature-rich and robust turnkey solutions to all levels of local government as well as public power and water markets throughout North America. Harris' focus is on creating long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring that we meet the changing needs of our customers over time. For further information on Harris Computer Systems, please visit our website at, or call 888-847-7747.
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